Interview With Zachary Lee: The Pre-Marriage Counselor That Will Help You Get Your Relationship on the Right Track!

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Zachary Lee Interview with Josh Jurkovich

Join the conversation with Josh and Zachary

In this episode of the Business Ministry Podcast,

Zachary discusses how he created and managed LifeWorks with his father for the past 13 years. Josh and Zach go through what LifeWorks represents and all the products that Zach offers for couples seeking counseling. They go together through the community that LifeWorks creates and how to serve their products on a national scale level. Josh takes Zach through a customer journey, guiding him as he would guide any of his clients. Zachary has multiple products and services he sells online, going from $19 (for the Top Five Habits of Successful Couples or the Communication Toolkit) to $350 (for pre-marriage counseling). 


LifeWorks Group, LLC

LifeWorks is a company focused on transforming your relationship for the better. It teaches individuals and couples how to have the relationship of their dreams with the right guidance and counseling. Gordon and Wallyn Lee founded the company in 2004, and Zach has been the CEO for 13 years. Their mission is to help individuals and couples realize their true potential in their relationship. LifeWorks is located in Minnesota and works with different churches throughout the Midwest. This company offers:

  • Pre-Marriage Online Program: a self-paced program for couples who are looking for a flexible program
  • Individual Sessions: four sessions with one of the coaches from LifeWorks (in-person or online)
  • Live Pre-Marriage Retreats: Live presentations on the nine cores areas of marriage for couples who want the knowledge while staying in the comfort of their homes
  • Date Night Monthly: four different unique dates for you and your partner


In today’s episode, Josh allows the listeners to participate in a working session as if Josh was working with one of his clients. Throughout the episode, Josh gives Zach tips and pointers on how to bring his business to the next level without losing the integrity or value of what he brings to the table. Josh walks Zach through creating a solid marketing message, providing a systematic journey for the client, building a bridge that allows your customer to get where they want to be, and much more. Josh also focuses on messaging and product creation on the front end and guides Zach on achieving the optimal message for his clients.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • [03:41] How LifeWorks was born
  • [07:49] How Zach is a developer – but not a software engineer – and how that helped him through his role as CEO at LifeWorks
  • [11:27] A framework of questions and conversations that helps couples see the past, identify where they are in the present, and determine where they want to go in the future
  • [20:00] The different products LifeWorks offers
  • [22:50] Using communication as a tool kit to fix and maintain your relationship
  • [29:00] Russell Brunson’s value ladder strategy
  • [35:15] How to convert someone’s mindset so that they know your product works
  • [45:12] The lack of self-awareness in a relationship and how to combat that
  • [48:40] Building the tools and resources for couples to slowly and steadily improve their relationship – and transforming problems into bite-sized issues to not overwhelm you
  • [52:40] Creating (and sticking with) a routine to help you with writer’s block and the process of content creation.
  • [55:00] Zach’s last tip of the day: hire a coach if you need one


People mentioned in this podcast:

  • Garrett J White
  • Russel Brunson
  • Donald Miller
  • Tony Robbins


About Zachary Lee

Zach is the CEO of LifeWorks Group, LLC. LifeWorks is a relationship consulting organization focusing on marriages and intimate relationships. LifeWorks partners with churches all over the Midwest to help pastors and the couples they serve to better equip couples in their marriages and relationships. LifeWorks was founded by Pastor Gordon J. Lee in 2004, and Zach has been running the company since 2009. Zach is also the author of “The 5 Habits of Successful Couples,” which you can find the ebook here, and “Are We a Good Match”, which will be published soon. You can find Zach through his Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or his official website.


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Josh Jurkovich

Josh Jurkovich

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