How the Business of Ministry Podcast Started with Tiffany Youngren

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Tiffany Youngren Interview with Josh Jurkovich

Josh Jurkovich Talks to Tiffany Youngren

In the inaugural episode of Business of Ministry, 

Josh Jurkovich talks to OMH Agency’s Tiffany Youngren about his own journey towards God, running his own digital marketing agency and starting the BoM podcast.  He tells how a couple of “conversion events” led to him finding a bold, new direction.

 Having already built his own digital marketing agency, following a decade and a half in sales, Josh decided in October 2020 to combine his marketing nous with his desire to help those struggling to form or grow their own Christian ministries.  Becoming a podcaster and sharing the journeys of ministry and business leaders seemed the perfect way to spread the word and find a satisfying outlet for Josh’s talent and enthusiasms.

Direct Sales to a New Direction

Having opened his own digital marketing agency, Josh experienced disillusionment with his goals.  He describes how entrepreneurs can often set themselves material goals like financial success, increased size or public recognition, only to find those goals empty.  Although he’d built a successful company, Josh was unfulfilled.  God spoke to him for a second time in 2020, setting him on a new course.

Josh’s marriage had been suffering and his goals were not aligned with his core beliefs.  Fully committing to his faith, he put change into action and founded Business of Ministry to help faith leaders become more business-like.  He offers a three-tier approach:

  •       Helping newly searching clients identify and pursue their dreams
  •       Scaling up the passion projects clients are working on part-time
  •       Taking established businesses and helping clients realize greater success

Finding Faith

Josh’s faith was challenged when he was fourteen.  His brother died in a car accident and Josh drifted away from God.  He lost himself in drugs and alcohol and even when financially secure, wasn’t happy. 

The first call came in 2016, pushing him to start his own business, but it was only with his second conversion event in October of 2020 that he formulated the vision for Business of Ministry and began interviewing likeminded Christian entrepreneurs.

Procrastination and Beyond

Conventional wisdom can send you down endless rabbit holes of self-improvement – another course, qualification, or partnership.  This becomes a way of putting off your God-given calling.  He stands by mentorship, having found it an essential way to learn and grow.  The podcast, Josh hopes, will become a kind of virtual mentorship for its followers. 

Josh founded Minister to Millions to help bring key marketing concepts to ministries, who often do not realize how scalable their business models are.  He stresses that it is okay to make money while spreading God’s message.  To get to where you want to be you may have to abandon the notion of comfort, which can become the enemy of excellence.

In this episode of Business of Ministry:

  • [01:53] Josh describes his journey from lost salesman to digital marketer and podcaster
  • [05:13] How material goals can prove empty when not aligned with your values
  • [07:52] Building purpose-driven businesses
  • [12:09] How Josh found his calling and founded Minister to Millions
  • [16:39] Finding a balance between faith, daily life, and hard work
  • [23:26] The Pareto Principle and how to aim for success
  • [27:28] The importance of continuous self-improvement
  • [31:37] Combatting doubt and procrastination
  • [34:59] Comfort as the enemy of achievement

People Mentioned in this Episode

  • Steven Furtick
  • Joel Osteen
  • Russell Brunson
  • John Bevere
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Tim Keller
  • Donald Miller

Follow our Hosts

Tiffany Youngren is the founder and owner of OMH Agency. As a veteran entrepreneur, she has helped many others follow their business dreams.  She now hosts the popular podcast Next Up Nation and helps other podcasters launch effectively through her Podcast Ignition Program. 

Josh Jurkovich is a digital marketing expert and now the host of the Business of Ministry podcast.  He specializes in helping Christian ministries achieve successful marketing and business practices, and is the founder of Minister to Millions.

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Josh Jurkovich

Josh Jurkovich

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