Interview with Stephen Waldo: The Founder of Husband Help Haven, Who Helps Men in the Middle of Marriage Crisis

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Stephen Waldo Interview with Josh Jurkovich

Interview with Stephen Waldo

In this episode of the Business of Ministry Podcast,


Stephen Waldo discusses how he created Husband Help Haven to help men who are going through a marriage crisis. Stephen talks about how he took user generated content and successfully turned it into a product. Josh Jurkovich hopes Stephen’s story inspires listeners to create their own product, business or ministry which in turn can affect the lives of many people. 

Husband Help Haven

Stephen Waldo created Husband Help Haven for men desperate for marriage advice who are often in the middle of a separation.  After spending a few years giving men marriage advice over the internet, he compiled all of the questions and answers and wrote his first eBook. The business began to evolve organically and as he saw success stories and his advice making a difference in the lives of hundreds of men, this prompted Stephen to expand his product even more and in 2020 he launched his newest in-depth course for men titled, Peace & Control.  

In today’s episode, Stephen Waldo talks about how it all started with the divorce of his parents while in his late teens and how he planned to do everything in his power to safeguard his own future marriage against divorce.  Passionate about the subject of marriage, as Stephen explored how he was going to make his marriage different from his parent’s marriage, he started writing about the concepts he was personally exploring.  Stephen knew that he could create something better than what was currently on the market for men dealing with marriage issues. As Stephen demonstrates, user generated content can lead to product creation.  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • [02:15] Manly Marriage Revival: The first product Stephen created 
  • [6:35] Why Stephen decided to drop out of college
  • [8:25] How the divorce of Stephen’s parents affected his mindset
  • [9:27] How Husband Help Haven began 
  • [13:41] Stephen grew an audience that requested a product
  • [22:12] Why Stephen is glad that he didn’t put his eBook on Amazon
  • [32:59] Peace & Control: Stephen’s flagship product
  • [37:05] The benefit of group support 
  • [44:43] If Stephen could start all over again, what he would do differently 
  • [53:04] Where to find Stephen’s podcast 
  • [53:33] How emails can engage your customer base

People and books mentioned in this podcast:

  • John Xfactor: Micro Niche AdSense Course
  • Your Marriage Savior by Michael Cross

About Stephen Waldo

Stephen Waldo is the owner of Husband Help Haven. Husband Help Haven is a place for men going through a marriage crisis. Stephen offers common sense advice using biblical relationship principles and the coursework he creates gives men the support and direction they need to not just survive separation, but come out on the other side as better husbands, fathers and men. Stephen believes that personal growth can happen at any time and often it’s in the midst of those personal crises that the most personal growth happens. Stephen’s mission is: He wants to see every man in every marriage step up.  He wants to see every husband take his role as leader seriously. Most of all, though, he wants every married man to be one thing: Happy.  Stephen used to believe that marriage was like the lottery – you either got lucky and won a happy, life-long relationship, or you “lost” and got stuck with divorce. As he began falling in love with his wife, he realized that “luck” wasn’t good enough. He committed to becoming the man she’d stay in love with forever.  Since Stephen started Husband Help Haven ten years ago, he’s walked alongside 2,500+ men. Stephen is the author of Manly Marriage Revival and Manly Separation Survival.  His current online course is called Peace & Control which can be found here.  You can find Stephen on Twitter, Facebook, or his official website

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Josh Jurkovich

Josh Jurkovich

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