Interview with Doug Greathouse – CEO of SalesSite Helping Entrepreneurs With Strategic Digital Marketing Plans

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Interview with Doug Greathouse

Join the Conversation with Josh Jurkovich and Doug Greathouse

In this episode of the Business of Ministry Podcast,

Doug Greathouse discusses the web design business that he and his best friend launched years ago. Doug had a background in computer information systems and his friend had limited experience in web design, but that didn’t stop them from as Doug says, just going for it.  Doug was fully committed to learning this new trade and in every moment of free time he had, he took time to grow his knowledge base. Doug explains that creating great websites didn’t happen instantly for him.  As with any new venture, dedication and hard work are important. He found out early on that his passion was not solely designing and developing websites, but helping entrepreneurs meet their goals. The web design business became a springboard for Doug’s interest in marketing, and today digital marketing. Doug now runs a successful digital marketing agency called SalesSite where he and his team help entrepreneurs ramp up their revenue and free up their time. 


Doug is the founder and CEO of SalesSite, a digital marketing agency that he started 12 years ago. Doug remembers the very early days when his desk consisted of two metal racks and a piece of plywood. While working in the web design business, Doug learned that to have an effective website, you need to drive qualified traffic to it. Once you drive qualified traffic to your website, you can convert that traffic into leads and sales.  Doug says that the website is just a paperweight on the internet unless you know how to use it to generate leads and traffic. One of Doug’s areas of expertise is creating compelling Facebook ads. 

In today’s episode, Doug and Josh discuss organic marketing strategies. Doug explains that the foundation of an organic marketing strategy is to have a good offer and to know who you’re marketing to. Once you have that foundation, you can connect to your audience on social media. Doug talks about the value of Facebook ads and what it takes to have a powerful Facebook ad campaign. He points out some of the big mistakes that people make when creating Facebook ads and even shares a few tips about what he has seen bring success to ad campaigns.  Doug emphasizes that making a genuine human connection with your potential client is important and one way to do that is by utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Groups, and direct messaging on the various social media platforms. There are however right and wrong ways to engage potential clients on social media, a topic Doug and Josh dig deeper into. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • [01:49] How Doug got started in web design
  • [05:50] Organic marketing strategies 
  • [07:19] How to correctly build future business relationships on social media
  • [12:17] How Facebook ads work
  • [16:00] Some challenges entrepreneurs need to overcome 
  • [18:36] The biggest mistakes people make when creating Facebook ads
  • [19:53] Narrowing down your audience
  • [23:01] Testing your offer
  • [24:32] How relationships plus results equal revenue
  • [29:24] Josh’s Minister to Millions Mastermind 
  • [30:32] How to find Doug’s Facebook group for entrepreneurs
  • [32:20] Doug’s strategy of asking clients about their “why”
  • [35:56] Why reading God’s word each morning is important to Doug

People Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Dr. Phil
  • Joel Osteen
  • Tony Robbins
  • Gary Vaynerchuk

About Doug Greathouse

Doug Greathouse owns a digital marketing agency called SalesSite, an agency he has run for over 12 years.  It started as a web design firm under a different name and blossomed into the full-service agency it is today. Doug found out early on that his passion was not designing and developing websites but helping other entrepreneurs meet their goals and that is what drives him and his team.  Doug and his SalesSite team are especially skilled in Facebook marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and management, marketing funnels, marketing automation, landing page creation and optimization, email campaigns, and website optimization.  Doug is a believer and strives daily to be the man that his family, his clients, and God needs him to be.  Doug starts his day by digging into God’s word. He takes the knowledge he learns from the Bible and tries to apply it where applicable during the day.  Doug doesn’t hide his faith. He encourages fellow entrepreneurs with the message that God can be a leader in their business. 

You can find Doug on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or on SalesSite. Doug is the host of the Entrepreneur Journey podcast, where entrepreneurs share their stories, struggles, business, and life lessons.

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Josh Jurkovich

Josh Jurkovich

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