Interview with Christopher Friend, the Navy veteran and business mentor who explains how you can use love to build your brand.

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Christopher Friend Interview with Josh Jurkovich

Join the Conversation with Josh and Christopher

In this episode of the Business of Ministry Podcast,

Christopher Friend discusses how he created Growth Through Love and the Money Tree Framework to help his customers have the best business they can. Christopher talks about the six pillars he created from the Money Tree Framework and how to directly apply that to steady growth. He also talks about how we have to follow our passions and natural strengths and transform that into profit.

Growth Through Love

Christopher Friend created Growth Through Love to teach businesses how to effectively gain profits. Christopher teaches that your passion is what you do, but your purpose is the impact that you have on others because of what you do. The main overarching framework of Growth Through Love is the concept of growing smoothly and passing through the six pillars of the Money Tree Framework instead of frantically with no goal in sight. The three pillars of the Growth Through Love system are driving love into your customer, your team, and your prospects.

In today’s episode, Christopher Friend talks about how to focus on people and how to drive love into your customer. He discusses the operating system he created for businesses to focus on what’s necessary and take slow but steady steps into the future. Christopher’s advice for small businesses struggling to break the first barrier of making profit is to make a list of everything you’re doing to drive revenue right now and strip it down to its bare necessities. He goes through the six pillars of his operating system:
Focus on the customer: understand how you can better your customer service and have customer retention and reviews.
Focus on the product: turn one-time sales into monthly recurring revenue.
Focus on the sales: go to conferences, cold call, network, and do anything that a salesperson could do.
Focus on the strategic partnerships: create a partnership with the company that has your customers and is not your direct competitor.
Focus on the advertising: send out advertisements to transform that into an offer
Focus on the branding: do everything that you can to put your business out there: create a new logo or website, build a social media presence, and optimize your website for search engine optimization.

In this episode, we discuss:

[02:31] Christopher’s first moment as a businessman – selling sodas to construction workers
[04:49] What Christopher did to be where he is now
[06:13] How people are making decisions from a place of fear and anger, and how that is a detriment to society
[10:16] The greatest tool humanity has for creating the change we want to see in the world
[12:40] How money is the means to an end and not the end goal, and what that means overall
[14:24] The Entrepreneur’s Operating System and how small businesses need to implement it onto their business
[16:00] The two ways to create revenue: getting more customers and making each customer worth more money
[18:32] How to get past the first big barrier of cash as a business and the six pillars from Christopher’s money tree framework: customer, product, sales, strategic partnership, advertising, and branding
[31:21] The three pillars of the Growth Through Love system: customer, team, and prospect

People and books mentioned in this podcast:
Map of Consciousness, by David Hawkins
The One Thing, by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan
The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, by Michael Alan Singer

About Christopher Friend

Christopher Friend helped several business launches, built two dozen different digital marketing agencies, and was the CEO of a $3 million software company. Christopher likes his introduction to be “the founder and director of Growth Through Love, a Navy veteran, a Harvard alumnus, and a career entrepreneur.” He teaches companies how to focus on people and how to drive love into your customer. You can reach him at or through his website.

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Josh Jurkovich

Josh Jurkovich

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